Open mic - Amsterdam North (SWAN)

SWAN stands for Singer Songwriters Amsterdam North.

SWAN is an initiative of two musicians: Annette Vogel and Bruno Edsme.
In Amsterdam the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild (ASG) is an organization which informs, encourages and inspires  all kind of singersongwriters (initiators Maarten de Mink and Ro Halfhide). There are weekly open mic’s in Jet Lounge, where singer songwriters share their music. Everyone is welcome to attend these evenings. The organization of this lies in the hands of Max Vanremmerden.

In the north of Amsterdam, there was long time no stage for singer songwriters. SWAN, a 'daughter' of the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild, has now found a wonderful stage: the Noorderparkkamer. 
At this unique location we have ​​monthly open mic’s  on the first Friday.
As a singer-songwriter you can sign up for participation. Send an email to:

You can also subscribe via Facebook . Find and join us!

SWAN (singersongwriter Amsterdam North)

The SWANnights are not only meant for musicians. Everyone is welcome to come and listen and have a great night!

SWANnights take place on the first Friday of the month.

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