zaterdag 10 mei 2014

SWAN en de NoorderparkBAR

We started a new cooperation with the NoorderparkBAR. Stephanie is the owner of this very special and cute bar, just next to the Noorderparkkamer.

This summer we will start at 6.30 pm ( 18.30) and we expect good weather and people in the parc, chilling, drinking, eating and listening to nice music of songwriters.

Unfortunality last night there was a huge storm so there were not many people. But the people who came made the night the most intimate night of the year :)  There were some nice people and Stephanie had made some good food for songwriters who were going to play. So be there next time and enjoy the good cooking of Stephanie!

John Kosterman started the night at 18.30. He translated his English songs in Dutch! . He told me  he is working on a show with a story about a guy. The show will take an hour, but last night he played I think 5 songs.
Then I also sang some songs in Dutch!

It was really nice to meet Laura Louise C. She is living in Amsterdam-Noord and she played her own songs. She did a good job and hopefully she will return next time.
Daniel Tempelman comes from Utrecht and he is our new Dutch Leonard Cohen. He played 5 songs and they sound so cool. Here is a link of his music: Daniel Tempelman

It was a pleasure to play with him together after he finished his nice performance.
We played together some Sandy Denny songs and I invited him to play and sing with me at the Fringe Festival in Delft on June 8.

So singersongwriters, sign in for the next Swan night, if the weather is not good, we will just have a good time together and if the weather is good we will play on the most special stage of Amsterdam. In a beautiful green parc full of singing birds, barking dogs and great atmosphere!

John Kostermans

Laura Louise C

Daniel Tempelman

Baltazar, so happy with a monitor this time! 

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